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Augment: The Future of Localization

Unlock the potential of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning through shared industry learning and collaboration.

The Industry is Ready

In recent years, the landscape of the language industry has been shifting alongside technological advances and innovation that can augment human capabilities. Machine learning, artificial intelligence, and big data provide new opportunities for improved business outcomes, and the language industry has just begun to scratch the surface of what these new technologies can enable.

Over decades of development, the addition of Computer-Aided Translation and Machine Translation have created substantial changes to localization workflows, resourcing, and enterprise business models.

Now, the time has come to explore the greater potential of AI and ML and how these tools can accomplish as much--or more--for the language industry as CAT tools and MT have accomplished.

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The Time is Right

At a pivotal inflection point in the localization industry, Augment will bring together a new group of industry leaders, creative thinkers, academics, and entreprenuers to share specialized information, practical learning, and targeted research with the goal of advancing our collective knowledge regarding applications and optimization of AI and MT in localization practices and programs.

Now more than ever, localization leaders need access to the most up-to-date, accurate research and collective learning in order to make informed business decisions. Augment will pilot and facilitate webinars, small round tables, Q&A sessions, thought leadership speeches, and workshops meant to provide the information and tools that localization leaders need to stay informed and understand how to drive success for their team and enterprise.

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Stakeholders are Aligned

Across the industry, stakeholders have already acknowledged the impact these innovations will have and begun to ideate on the best applications of AI and MT in localization. Augment will be composed of leaders from across organizations and industries, including: Localization, Translation, Academia, Language Technology, Investment, and Finance. With a diverse group of stakeholders from all subsects of the industry, Augment will bring people together to discuss, learn, and research the future of the language industry.

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