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Lilt helps healthcare and life sciences companies drive better patient outcomes all over the world with our AI-powered translation services.


Improve patient outcomes with AI-powered localization

The healthcare and life sciences industries move fast, and the need to stay on top of both cutting-edge medical research and ever-changing healthcare regulations means that improving patient outcomes around the world has never more complex. To succeed, healthcare and life sciences need to innovate fast and focus on creating personalized experiences for patients, providers, members, and other stakeholders.

Lilt helps healthcare and life sciences companies translate content more efficiently than ever, giving your multilingual customer base access to all the information they need to better understand your company's offerings. The Lilt Platform seamlessly integrates with all of your core systems, enabling continuous localization and making it simple to translate new content. Focus on delivering high-quality patient outcomes and member experiences while we make it simple for your stakeholders to access the information they need—regardless of where they live or what language they speak.

Grow your business by giving patients and members a personalized experience

Provide better care to more patients and better experiences to members in more countries by personalizing your content in the language of their choice. Whether localizing a website, mobile app, online portal, documentation or something else, Lilt's lightning-fast turnaround times enable you to get the newest information to all of your stakeholders.

Grow Business

Enable patient-centric experiences by speaking your customer's language

Become your patients' preferred care provider and develop healthy, meaningful relationships by providing your company's offerings in the language of your customers' choice. Increase retention, accelerate care, and enhance patient satisfaction by making your materials available in each and every language that your customers speak.


Strengthen the localization experience with seamless integrations

Lilt natively integrates with the most popular TMS platforms, CMS platforms, marketing automation products, knowledge bases, code repositories, collaboration software, business intelligence tools, and more. Lilt adapts to your existing systems and workflows—rather than the other way around.


Translated by humans, assisted by technology

  • Lilt’s translators are enabled by our AI technology, giving you the quality of human translation with the industry's highest levels of speed and efficiency.

Leverage the world's best translators

  • Our translators have helped some of the fastest-growing healthcare payers, providers, and life sciences companies create patient-centric experiences globally.

Partner with a dedicated service team

  • Our dedicated services team works directly with you to ensure your evolving translation needs are met.
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Simple to get started, scales with your business

  • Our simple onboarding process and pre-built integrations make it easy to start working with Lilt and see improved results fast.

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