Translate faster with our AI-powered CAT tool

Translators work more efficiently and produce more translation in less time, all powered by AI, automation, and neural machine translation technology built right into the Lilt Platform.

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Increase Productivity with Predictive Typing

Translators work at superhuman speeds because of predictive translation suggestions right in the CAT Tool. Each suggestion is powered by our adaptive neural machine translation engine and is custom-tailored to your company's content, translation history, and linguistic assets. Best of all, the predictions get smarter and more accurate over time, increasing translator productivity.

Save Time with Translation Memory & Auto-Propagation

Our powerful Translation Memory feature saves time by automatically adding in previously translated segments right in the CAT Tool. Once a match is confirmed, our Auto-Propagation feature searches the rest of the document for that same segment and automatically adds the confirmed translation. As your Translation Memory grows, it automates more of translations workflow - saving time and money.

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Ensure Consistency with Termbase and Lexicon

Our Termbase feature ensures translators are using the right terminology in the right context to talk about your business. Our Lexicon feature shows translators a range of possible translations of a certain word, enabling them to complete their work without leaving the CAT Tool.


Reimagine translation with AI and automation at the core

We've redesigned the CAT tool from the ground up to maximize productivity. Our tool was designed based on the latest advances in human-computer interaction research from Stanford University in order to give users an intuitive, easy-to-use, high-performing tool that helps them do the best work of their lives. It looks a bit different than most CAT tools on the market, but we've proven that our tool makes translators more efficient than ever using features that leverage AI and automation - enabling them to work fast, collaborate easily, and produce high-quality translation.
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Powerful Automation

  • The Lilt CAT Tool is packed with automation - making translators more efficient, reducing project turnaround times, and augmenting human ingenuity with machine efficiency to bring the joy back to translation.
Constantly Learning

Constantly Learning

  • Our translation suggestions are powered by our Adaptive Neural Machine Translation engine, which learns and gets smarter with each word that gets translated on our platform.
Intuitive Interface

Intuitive Interface

  • Clean, modern interface that's simple to learn, incredibly powerful when mastered, and based in the cloud - so it's easy to access from anywhere and new features are added all the time.
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Built-In Collaboration

  • In the enterprise, translation is a team sport. That's why we've built collaboration features right into the platform - so translators can pose questions about certain translations and ask for clarification around context.

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