Streamline oversight of your localization workflow

Lilt enables business users to more efficiently oversee their localization workflow. Save time with automation, seamlessly integrate your business systems, and gain full visibility into your pipeline with insights and reporting.

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Full visibility into your translations

Lilt simplifies oversight of your company's translation projects. Verify the right documents are in place, automatically assign relevant translators and reviewers, and easily keep tabs on progress - so you can keep stakeholders informed and initiatives on track.

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Save time with automation

Lilt uses automation at every point to save time and simplify workflows. Automatically extract content from your systems and filter, prepare, and load that content into Lilt for translation. Route the right content to the right translators, automatically notifying them about assignments and due dates. That way, your entire localization team knows that work is going to be done on time, every time.

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Seamlessly integrates with your TMS

Lilt integrates with your TMS and other important systems, making import and export processes simple, seamless, and automatic. Whether systems for translation management, content management, support, e-commerce, marketing automation, analytics, code repos, and more - Lilt services integrate into every part of your content workflow. If you want to build your own integration, our open API is easy to work with and build on.

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Streamline the localization process from end-to-end

Lilt is built for a singular purpose: to manage the flow of a document from your business systems into Lilt, through the translation process, and back out to those same business systems - all with as little human intervention as possible. Our connectors and API ensure you never have to manually upload content. With automation built at its core, our platform minimizes downtime by getting content in a state to be translated, reviewed, and sent back to you reviewed as quickly as possible, increasing speed-to-market. Our robust project management features make it easy to get visibility into the process and proactively manage any potential issues. Lilt enables you to ensure that all of your customers have access to the same great customer experience, regardless of what language they speak.
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Powerful Automation

  • Lilt is packed with automation - making it easy for project managers to manage translation workflows efficiently with a few clicks. Increase translation velocity, reduce project turnaround times, and ensure your content localization executes flawlessly.
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Reporting and Insights

  • Enterprises need the ability to measure and analyze their localization operations. Lilt Insights provides robust dashboards and reporting functionality so you can understand every aspect of your localization program.
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Linguistic Asset Management

  • Ensure translators stay as efficient as possible by keeping terminologies, translation memories, glossaries, and more up to date. Import existing assets or create new ones right from within the Lilt Platform.
Notifications and Alerts

Notifications and Alerts

  • Automated notifications ensure that everyone is on the same page and different stakeholders understand for what part of the workflow they're responsible and when it's due.

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