You're planning for the future. Why is your translation provider stuck in the past?

Lilt is changing the game with our AI-powered translation platform that helps companies grow faster and improve the customer experience.

What if you built a language service provider from scratch?

Running an effective localization program that delivers high quality results without breaking the bank can be a challenge. That's why we built Lilt. The Lilt Platform gives you better translation, faster, and more affordably by bringing together the world's best human translators and making them more efficient than ever with our AI-powered technology. Our platform is built for the enterprise, so it's easy to get started and seamlessly integrates with your existing workflows. Focus on what you do best - building, marketing, selling, supporting, and more - while we focus on solving your localization challenges.

A single platform to accelerate your localization program.

The Lilt Platform enables you to quickly and easily translate all of your business content. After connecting your content platforms to our platform, we can seamlessly import your content into the Lilt Platform for translation, and then export it back into your content platforms for publishing.

Translated by humans, powered by AI

Lilt’s AI technology works alongside our translators, giving you the quality of human translation with the industry's highest levels of speed and efficiency.

Leverage the world's best translators

Our highly-trained, highly-skilled translators have expertise across industries and business functions and have helped some of the world's largest companies grow globally.

Enterprise-grade service

Our Services team works with you to ensure your evolving translation needs are met. We manage your translation process from end to end, ensuring your content is translated on-time and at the highest level of quality.

"Lilt's vertically-integrated solution has had huge efficiency gains for ASICS."

Alessandra Binazzi

Director of Localization

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