A mission-critical translation platform for your global operations

Lilt helps government organizations around the world translate large volumes of content in order to better understand the flow of global information, build bridges across cultures and countries, and communicate with different constituents and communities.

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Ensure stakeholders always get the most accurate information

The Lilt Platform has robust translation memory, terminology, and lexicon features to ensure that previously completed translations are leveraged in any and all future translation work. That way, translators can significantly reduce error rates and avoid duplicating efforts when large volumes of time-sensitive content must be translated.

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A force multiplier for the government translation workforce

Government translation work poses a unique set of challenges not experienced in the private sector, including unique language needs, a lack of cleared linguists and analysts, as well as the sheer scale of data to be processed.

Lilt helps government organizations translate large volumes of content significantly faster than before, enabling those organizations to communicate effectively and better understand the flow of global information. Lilt’s translation technology can be used on the battlefield or behind the scenes to support the in-depth analysis of primary sources and for urgent delivery to stakeholders during pivotal operational moments.

Lilt translates mission-critical content from 40+ languages and can be deployed in both commercial and classified environments. Lilt’s translation speed, quality, and cost are unmatched – and are relied upon in some of the most sensitive and critical government programs.

Dramatically increase translator productivity with adaptive neural machine translation

We live in an increasingly interconnected and global world and government translators who speak in-demand languages are incredibly hard to find. Lilt amplifies the impact of every one of your translators enabling them to work faster than ever by augmenting their skills and training with our adaptive neural machine translation system, which is built on the latest advances in AI, machine learning, and natural language processing.

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Built for government workloads, deployable in government environments

The Lilt Platform is built for high-performance and optimized to process and translate large volumes of content. Our platform is deployable across a number of different environments, such as public cloud, private cloud, on-prem, bare metal, and more. Lilt provides government-grade security across all environements.


Drive deeper global understanding with more efficient translation workflows

  • Highly-skilled linguists in highly-valued languages are hard to come by. Do more with the linguists you have by giving them the power of Lilt's AI translation technology to help them process more content, faster than ever.

Leverage the latest advances in neural machine translation technology

  • We invest heavily in R&D and our team of machine translation experts are hard at work making continuous performance improvements to make our translation engine more accurate and our systems faster.
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Deploy mission-critical programs at a global scale

  • The Lilt Platform works across different deployment environments that are tailor-made for the unique requirements of government organizations.
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Ensure sensitive data is safe with government-grade security

  • The security of your translation data is essential to your, and our, success. It isn't shared with anyone outside of your organization.

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